Dr. Baier Continuing to See Good Results with Anterior Hip Replacements - Now Being Done Outpatient for Select Patients


Thomas Baier, M.D. is continuing to perform the first anterior hip replacements at Advocate Condell Medical Center. This less invasive surgical technique, which replaces the hip joint through a smaller, anterior incision generally leads to a faster and less painful recovery time. Dr. Baier is now performing this surgery, in select patients, on an outpatient basis.

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Offers Less Invasive Option for Greenleaf Patients

Patients requesting total hip replacement now have options for treatment at Greenleaf as Thomas Baier, M.D. is bringing less-invasive anterior approach surgery to Advocate Condell Medical Center. After 30 years of practice, Dr. Baier is excited to have the opportunity to learn and perform this new technique that will give patients options when deciding whether to pursue a total hip replacement. The anterior approach refers to the surgical approach used by the surgeon to access the hip joint during surgery. During the anterior approach, the surgeon makes the incision at the anterior aspect of the joing where there is less soft tissue to resect. The result is often a less painful post operative course and quick rehab as patients struggle less with incision-related discomfort. “Both the traditional and anterior approaches are acceptable options for THS, said Dr. Baier, “ I’ve been very pleased with the results I’ve seen so far, and I’m happy to provide patients with surgical options. “ Baier recently began performing the surgery on select patients at the outpatient surgical centers with a return to home the same day as surgery. With adequate support at home, some patients can avoid postoperative hospitalization, returning home the same day. The decreased pain associated with this surgery makes an outpatient option possible.